Live Surgeries & Medical Films

Transmissions to any place in the world

TV-Studios Leonberg GmbH

Over the last three decades we focused our efforts on live surgeries as well as medical education and product films. Our rich experience on the matter is an essential component in succeeding in this highly sensitive area of filming. Especially for your patients the complex world of medicin becomes way easier to grasp when it´s shown and explained via film. Therefore you can for instance get great use out of medical films regarding OR preparation or to demonstrate and explain the handling of medical instruments. 

In addition medical videos offer doctors the opportunity of demonstrating new or different operating techniques or the usage of specific instruments to other participants in medical conferences. Be it in the same hospital or even on a different continent - using our services they can share their expertise and achievements as well as discuss them live with colleagues all around the world. We produce professional medical films to document and explain surgical interventions using both real footage and of course computer animated sequences if desired.